Update on Transfer


The Private Sewers Forum, established by SBWWI in 2009, and comprising of a wide range of industry organisations, met on Tuesday 14 September to primarily discuss the Consultation on the Draft Regulations and Proposals for Schemes for the Transfer of Private Sewers.

The Forum which represents all areas of the water and wastewater industry and, in particular, the smaller drainage operatives, discussed the potential implications of the outcome of the consultation and the possible procurement processes the WaSCs will be adopting to ensure the increase in their asset base is properly and effectively maintained. Water UK has produced a summary of the current practices adopted by the water companies, and is available from their website:
Details will be updated on a regular basis as and when information becomes available.

E&U Skills reported that they have been working with Water Companies, Contractors and trade bodies to establish a skills framework which will allow the industry to ensure that Drainage operatives will be able to meet the competency requirements of both the house holders and Water Companies and has extended its existing suite of Safety Health Environmental Awareness (SHEA) training schemes to include a separate scheme for Drainage Operatives.

All members of the Forum confirmed their commitment to ensuring their members are fully informed of the transfer and the opportunities that this could bring to their company activities. The Forum will provide a collective view on those areas in the consultation that are ‘common’ to all, with each of the Forum members providing their own organisation’s individual response.

The meeting concluded with all attendees agreeing to continue the partnership between the organisations and to provide a collective view, where required, on specific issues that span across the membership of each association, to government, insurers, communities and individuals, which is so important to the success of the proposed private sewers transfer and the challenges that will be faced by the industry. The Forum will next meet in early November.

17 September 2009

Should you require further information, please contact the Secretary on 020 8330 0123