Available via the National Sewerage Associations

National Joint Utilities Group Publications

NJUG4 The identification of small buried mains and services
NJUG7 Recommended position of utility apparatus for new works in new developments and in existing streets
NJUG10 Guidelines for the planning, installation and maintenance of utility services in proximity to trees.

WRC Publications

Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection – 2nd Edition 2005
Model Contract Document for Manhole Location Surveys and the Production of Record Maps - 2nd Edition 1993
Model Contract Documents for Short Term Flow Surveys - 2nd Ed. 1993
Manual of Sewer Condition Classification – 5th Edition 2013
Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual – 4th Edition 2001
The Drain Repair Book – 3rd Edition 2011
Sewers for Adoption – 7th Edition 2012
Sewers for Scotland - 2nd Edition 2007
Sewer Jetting Code of Practice - 2nd Edition 2005

Other Publications

Damage Control Procedure for Pipeline Construction involving Pipe Splitting UKWIR/Transco
A Guide to Sewerage Operational Practices (Section C2)